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A huge THANK YOU from the Wooders 'Family' to Jim McCombs for creating a home for us here at!
Jim McCombs
We used to have weekly chat meetings in a chatroom on AOL. Each night covered a different type of woodworking. That site was sponsered by American Woodworker magazine. In the winter of 1998 Reader's Digest bought the magazine and decided that sponsering the chatroom was an unneeded expense, and closed it. Many of us were very unhappy that we had no place to meet. Our friend, Jim, took many hours creating for us. In March 1998 Jim opened Wooders, giving us a chatroom, message board, galleries and information and a "home"we can all share. The site has had many changes over the years, but we can not forget who got us started!

"Thank you, Jim!" We truely appreciate you!